The GJB UCLA Football Pregame Playlist: Virginia Edition


We start off the UCLA Football season with our Pregame Playlist, the Go Joe Bruin musical way to start your Game Day!

That is right Ladies and Gentlemen, the Pregame Playlist is back! We started this last season to help you get in the mood for UCLA Football and it was well received. We start it again this season because, well, we think you deserve it! So here you go GJB readers, check out our playlist via video and Spotify!

“The Boys Are Back” – Dropkick Murphy’s

Indeed, the boys are back and they are looking for a victory against Virginia to start this epic season off right!

“Don’t Stop Me Now” – Queen

It is Jim Mora’s fourth season with what is his best Bruin team yet. I doubt you will be able to stop him!

“Born Slippy” – Underworld

The Bruins seem to be a team under the radar, which is fine with Mora. If opponents do not notice UCLA Football, then they will not see the attack that is coming, BOOM!

“Run The Jewels” – Run The Jewels

Oh, there will be a lot of running today. A lot. Along with

Paul Perkins

, UCLA has some of the best running backs in the conference.

“Bang A Gong” – T.Rex

It is time to GET IT ON! Football is back and it is time to celebrate! So let T. Rex help get your game day started off right!

“Idle Hands” – The Murder City Devils

The Bruins need to stay busy and stick to their game plan. If they do not, and have Idle Hands, well, the Bruins are going to have Mora than the devil to worry about.

“Express Yourself” – N.W.A.

A new quarterback. A new defensive coordinator. A new season. You go ahead and express yourself, Bruins!

“Epic” – Faith No More

Yes, I am calling it, this will indeed be an Epic season for UCLA Football!

“Destroy Everything You Touch” – Ladytron

I dedicate this song to guys like

Eddie Vanderdoes


Kenneth Clark


Myles Jack


Deon Hollins


Kenny Young


Fabian Moreau

and the rest of the defense that will wreck offenses all season long.

“Under Control” – Calvin Harris

As for the offense, they have a new quarterback and all of them have to be Under Control.


Am I right? Men! Bruins!

“Electricity” – Motorhead


Josh Rosen

and Paul Perkins, there will be plenty of Electricity at the Rose Bowl!

“Trophies” – Drake

Because isn’t the goal to get those Trophies?

There you have it! Our first Pregame Playlist of the season. We hope you enjoy it and get your groove on before the game! Have a great day everyone!

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