Pac-12 Poll: If Not UCLA Football, Than Who?


UCLA Football is expected to do very well in 2015, especially by their fans which may draw a bias, so we ask, if the Bruins do not win the Pac-12 Conference or the South Division, than who does?

The Bruins are looking to win a lot of games, go to their Conference Championship and even play in a big time bowl at the end of the year, but who isn’t these days? With so much talent spread across the Pac-12, it seems every team has a chance to win a conference title.

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Now the majority of Bruin fans believe they could do a great deal of damage this season, but we want to get UCLA Football fan’s opinion on who would win the division and conference if it is not the Bruins. Taking UCLA out of the equation, who would you believe is best team to win both the South Division and the Pac-12 Conference?

Now I know it is hard to think about UCLA not succeeding, because we also have those expectations, so it is important to remember that they have a tough schedule in front of them and it is not out of the question to have the Bruins miss out on a conference title. If UCLA does not make it, who do you see victorious at season’s end?

In the South, do you have USC Trojans finally making it to their first Championship Game in the Pac-12 era? Is Arizona State going to shock the world? Will Arizona repeat as South Division winners? Is this Utah‘s year?

Then taking into consideration the beasts in the North, who do you have taking the conference overall? Does Oregon repeat? Does Stanford bounce back from an uncharacteristic 8-5 season? Are critics really picking Cal over Washington?

You tell us, America! Vote Now!

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