UCLA Football: P. Diddy Arrested on Campus


By now you’ve heard. It was trending on Twitter, all over the news, and the talk of the town as far as sports are concerned. Yesterday, around noon, P. Diddy assaulted a UCLA Football coach for grilling his child, Justin Combs, during an offseason workout. As is the case with every dramatic news story, new info leaks and/or rises to the surface and helps us paint a more complete picture of the situation at hand. Bruin Report Online and their sources have provided the most in depth coverage of the situation thus far. Yes, better than ESPN and better than TMZ. With the new info we have, here is what went down yesterday at UCLA.

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Monday morning, UCLA defensive back Justin Combs, the son of P. Diddy, was taking part in an optional offseason workout for UCLA Football. Diddy was watching the practice, and witnessed his son get kicked out. Sources say that Combs had missed a few recent workouts and gave a poor effort Monday morning. Because of this, strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi verbally berated him and said he was out of shape, kicking him out of the practice, and telling him not to come back until the fall.

Around noon, both Justin and Diddy entered UCLA’s athletic facility. Alosi was in his office, which is adjacent to the weight room, taking a call. First, Justin Combs entered the office. Alosi asked him to wait while he took the call. According to BRO, many sources then saw the elder Combs, P. Diddy, angrily enter Alosi’s office, cussing at him. At the sight of this, Sal Alosi asked that the interns outside his office alert campus security. This angered Diddy more, and he came to Alosi’s side of the desk, threatening that he would call security on the desk phone.

Witnesses say Alosi put up a hand, non-threateningly, and told Justin to get Diddy out of his office. Diddy walked himself into Alosi’s still outstretched hand, telling Alosi not to touch him. Witnesses say that this is when the altercation started. Diddy attacked Alosi, but interns managed to pull him off. Then, Diddy managed to swing and strike Alosi, so the interns pulled him from the office and into the nearest other room — the weight room. Diddy grabbed a kettlebell, and swung it at an intern.

When UCPD arrived, everyone began to calm down. At this point, Alosi had a ripped shirt and scratches on his face. The campus police watched the security footage from the facility, and decided to arrest Diddy. The charges against Diddy have been updated to three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of terrorist threats, and one count of battery. None of these charges should be taken lightly.

The worst part about the aftermath of this altercation affects neither Alosi nor Diddy. Rather, as pointed out by Ted Miller, is that this will follow and haunt Justin Combs for a long time to come. Not only could this create an awkward environment between him and others involved with the incident, but he will likely be bombarded with questions and have to face annoying circumstances as he walks across campus.

We’ll keep you updated here at GJB — so stick with us.

h/t Bruin Report Online