Go Joe Bruin Talks About The UCLA Football Quarterback Battle With MarkRogersTV


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As we have done several times in the past, Go Joe Bruin has once again talked with Mark Rogers of MarkRogersTV. This time it was the UCLA football quarterback battle that was the topic of discussion. With Brett Hundley leaving for the NFL (who was drafted by the Green Bay Packers), the Bruins look to the future and the several candidates striving to take over this fall.

Jerry Neuheisel, Asiantii Woulard, Mike Fafaul and Josh Rosen were all involved in the four-quartreback battle this Spring, which has not yet been close to decided, and will take the QB competition into the fall. Though all four had some really good performances in Spring Practice, there can only be one and I tell Rogers who it will most likely be and why.

Is it who you think it is? Watch now to find out!