UCLA Football Spring Practice – Josh Rosen and The Early Enrollee Freshmen Speak


It was the last day at Spaulding Field for UCLA Football, though not the last event of Spring Practice. The Bruin’s annual Spring Showcase will take place Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Rose Bowl, though not much changed. Though the Bruins went through their regular drills during practice, there was one thing new about the post-practice media chat… we got to hear form the freshman.

That is right ladies and gentlemen Josh Woods, Zach Bateman, Nathan Meadors and (the one you have all been waiting for) Josh Rosen all spoke to the media after practice and gave us their thoughts on school, football and their plans for the future.

Here is a overview of what each said after practice…

Sep 26, 2014; Las Vegas, NV, USA; St. John Bosco quarterback Josh Rosen (3) looks to pass against the Bishop Gorman Gaels at Fertitta Field. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Rosen – Quarterback

I am just excited to be a part of UCLA Football and any quarterback that goes up there deserves the job because we are all battling our butts off

It seemed that every reporter after practice wanted to get a word with Rosen, especially when there is a chance to pick up any prominent information in regards to the QB battle. It was clear some of the reporters wanted to get the inside scoop on a few key issues, but Rosen was very professional in his answers and gave some veteran-type answers.

When asked if he expected to be the starter he said, “I don’t know, we’ll see. I am just excited to be a part of UCLA Football and any quarterback that goes up there deserves the job because we are all battling our butts off and each and everyday we are bringing as much competition as we possibly can.” When asked what it takes to land the starting job, Rosen said “get better everyday.”

There is no doubt that he is a fantastic football player, but he is still a freshman and knows that he has a long way to go to be the starter of a nationally prominent football program. With that, he asked about managing expectations coming in so highly touted, to which he gave credit to head coach Jim Mora for teaching him to tune out the noise.

Josh Woods – Linebacker

UCLA Bruins
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UCLA Bruins

Woods is a four-star linebacker out of Upland, CA that was had a plan to get to Westwood early. With the added experience, and hopefully enough development, he could land himself some significant playing time in the fall. Though that will take some time.

Per Woods, the hardest thing to get use to from high school to college is the overall transition, speed of practice and getting adjusted to the Bruin’s style of play. As he puts it, he has to learn technique and not just expect the biggest guy on the field and muscle everyone around.

But as of now, he is just taking it in and trying to adjust. “I am getting the hang of it.”

He also dropped a pretty strategic reference in regards to what the linebackers are trying to accomplish when he said that they are trying to raise that “LBU status”. I am pretty sure you know what that means.

Zach Bateman – Offensive Lineman

Assessing Spring Practice cannot be summed up in a few simple words but for Bateman, he said that he is “learning a lot”, though three things are really making him work hard to try and fit in with the Bruins. Adjusting to a new offense, not being in pads since October (as he is a junior college transfer) and “bouncing around at new positions” has him slowly getting into the swing of things at UCLA.

But Bateman is not worried as he said he will get there and is “looking forward to the future.”

Bateman was recruited as a left tackle, but said he could see some time at guard, a position he has never played before. Though he will do what the coaches require from him, he said LT is where he is most comfortable. In the long term, he hopes that he can get significant time as a blindside tackle.

Nathan Meadors – Defensive Back

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For Meadors, the biggest challenge is adjusting to the physicality and learning the playbook. As another freshman that has enrolled early, he too knows the challenges of going from high school to college, especially when he is still suppose to be in high school.

As for which position he will play, he has recently taken some reps at safety, but has gotten to know all of the secondary positions. That may be a good thing because even though he has a chance to play significant minutes next year, the Bruins are deep in the secondary.

As for developing, Meadors really wants to put focus on getting his body ready for the season. As for how thongs are going so far, he says he is “adjusting well” with a big smile on his face.

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