UCLA Football Spring Practice – A Light Practice Brings Fierce Competition, Tom Bradley Talks To The Media


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It was another light day for UCLA Football, but not without a few spectacular plays on both sides of the ball. There was not much with the quarterback competition, and as it seems, not a lot will be revealed with two practices remaining. Still, other Bruins were trying to make their mark on practice with some outstanding performances of their own.

The Bruins are quite possibly taking things a bit easier due to the fact the 2015 Spring Showcase is this Saturday and we would not want any Bruins injured before then, now would we?

After practice, defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke to the media. Here is a brief rundown of some things he spoke about:

Deon Hollins has a great mind. He is “half linebacker, half defensive end”.

-In regards pass rushing, the Bruins will be able to put a lot of pressure on teams, especially with all the mixing they will be doing.

-Bradley talks a bit about the evolution of the linebacker spot and how it will affect UCLA.

Here is the full video by

Jack Wang




Tweets From Practice

There were a lot of tweets from practice this morning, especially from Chris Foster of the LA Times, so we will let them tell you how practice went.

Going The Extra Myles

So apparently the Myles Jack experiment of returning punts is getting serious. During the last practice, reporters had informed head coach Jim Mora, who did not know at the time, about Jack’s returns in practice. The Bruin boss brushed it off.

Well apparently Jack made enough of an impression to continue returning punts. Imagine that. If Jack does return punts, Pac-12 teams will have another part of the game to plan for with Myles… Jack the Triple-Threat!

The next practice is tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. It is the last one at Spaulding Field as the UCLA Football Spring Showcase takes place Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Rose Bowl.