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UCLA Football: Season will start early, but only by two days, as game vs. Rice moved to August 30


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In case you didn’t know, UCLA’s Spring Practice for football has been goin’ on the past couple days, and it’s been the talk of Westwood. According to some of our lovely readers, the tempo and the fan turn-out trumps what it was like last season. You can read the recap of Day One here.

Spring Practice has everyone excited. So much so, apparently, that someone couldn’t hold their wad, and decided to jump the gun and move UCLA’s season opener at Rice to Thursday, Aug. 30. The original date was Saturday, Sept. 1.

What that does is give us a non-Saturday game, because previously, we weren’t scheduled to play any other day of the week all season. What does that mean? How would I know? If I were a betting man (which I am, when I’m in Mexico), I’d say it’s because the buzz around UCLA has gotten pretty loud. Of course, that’s just speculation — I’m not that much of an insider, you guys.

There are a probably a host of other reasons, too. Perhaps the coaching staff has some kind of superstitious thing about playing on the first of months, or maybe the players didn’t want to miss Jason Aldean in concert in Texas on that same day.

Either way, it is what it is and no one cares why it is what it is. It just is. All we care is that we get to watch our Bruins two days in advance.