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UCLA football players sound off about Spring Practice, Day One, on Twitter


So, we’ve already posted about UCLA football’s 2012 Spring Practice, Day One. In case you missed it, check it here, son.

While we’ve sounded off, it’s time to see how our fellow Bruins are holding up after a physical-as-hell Day One.

First, 6’8”, All-World TE Joe Fauria:

It better be fun. We aren’t showering you with love and affection for nothin’, dude.

And then Jerry Neuheisel, Rick Neuheisel’s kid, says something that all members of the media (do I count?) can agree on:

Richard Brehaut is such a baby.

SUCK IT UP, RICH. I have money on you being the starter come this fall.

And then some future Bruins were curious to see how things went:

Good stuff, Bruins. Except the complaining. CHAMPIONS ARE MADE. So let’s keep it that way.

For real, it was a solid way to start the 2012 UCLA football season, if National Signing Day didn’t already kind of kick it off. Hopefully, the intensity and the tempo — by all indications, faster than what it was last season, per people who were at UCLA last season — stay afloat.