Where is UCLA Football and Basketball ranked in the Transfer Portal team rankings

Here is a look at the major national publications team rankings for UCLA in both basketball and football.
UCLA Spring Football
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College athletics, particularly basketball and football, have seen a rise in player movement through the transfer portal. These team transfer portal rankings aim to assess the impact of transfers on a team's overall talent level.

Here's a quick summary and breakdown of transfer portal rankings for college football and basketball.

The Ranking Systems used and published nationally are primarily 247 Sports and On3 and here are the primary factors they used when ranking teams.

Number of Transfers: More transfers aren't always better. The ranking considers the total number of incoming transfers a team has secured.
Transfer Quality: Not all transfers are created equal. Rankings take into account the individual talent and past performance of the incoming players. Rating services like 247Sports assign ratings to players, which are then factored into the rankings.

The focus on Basketball (More Developed): Transfer portal rankings are more prominent in college basketball compared to football. This is likely because basketball relies more on individual star players, and a talented transfer can significantly impact a team's fortunes. For example, college basketball at the Division One level has 13 available scholarships per team. In comparison, college football has 85 scholarships per team.

Here is where UCLA football is ranked in the college football transfer rankings.

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Let's take a look for UCLA basketball is ranked in the transfer rankings.

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