Where is UCLA Basketball ranked in the WTE rankings

The Bruins are ranked higher than most would think as national college basketball media members and the publications they write for have UCLA ranked in the top 25.
UCLA basketball
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UCLA's ranking in the way-too-early 2024 basketball rankings depends on which outlet you look at. They are generally considered a team on the rise, though. Here's a quick on where the Bruins are ranked throughout various WTE rankings heading into 2024.

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"Way too early rankings" in college basketball are essentially speculative rankings that come out well before the start of the next season. These rankings are based on a combination of factors including returning players, incoming recruits, transfers, coaching changes, and overall program trajectory.

Entering the 2024-25 season, these rankings are especially hypothetical because the landscape of college basketball can change dramatically from one month to the next with incoming transfers and players staying in the NBA Draft for example. However, analysts and experts still attempt to predict which teams will be in the top 25 before the 2024-25 season begins.

Here are some factors that might influence these early rankings.

  1. Returning Players: Teams that retain key players from the previous season are often ranked higher because they have continuity and experience. UCLA brings back six scholarship players including three of their top four scorers from last season.
  2. Recruiting Class: Incoming freshmen and transfers can significantly impact a team's prospects. Highly touted recruiting classes can elevate a team's ranking, even if they lack experience at the college level. UCLA however is only bringing in one scholarship true freshman for this upcoming season which is different from last season when they brought in seven scholarship freshmen to begin the 2023-24 season.
  3. Coaching Stability: Teams with established coaching staff tend to fare better in early rankings because they have continuity in leadership and system. Mick Cronin for the most part has kept his staff together and has shown that they can utilize the transfer portal like they did this off-season.
  4. Transfers: The transfer portal has become a significant factor in college basketball. Teams that have successfully recruited impactful transfers might see their rankings rise. UCLA did see four scholarship players enter the transfer portal this off-season but they brought in six players from the portal that seem to address critical needs for them heading into the upcoming season.
  5. Offseason Developments: Any significant offseason developments such as injuries, unexpected departures, or late recruiting coups can also influence these rankings. Not necessarily an unexpected departure but Adem Bona entering the NBA Draft is a key departure for the Bruins.
  6. Program History and Prestige: Some programs have a consistent track record of success and are often given the benefit of the doubt in early rankings, regardless of the specifics of their current roster. UCLA seems to benefit from this as they are seen as one of the blue bloods of college basketball.

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