UCLA and USC basketball rivalry week part 3 game 2

Social Media has become more and more apart of any college rivalry and here is a look at the best UCLA and USC social media posts involving this rivalry between the Trojans and the Bruins.
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Before we look at the social media posts about this rivalry, let's first take an overall look at the rivalry between UCLA and USC.

One of the interesting and most legendary rivalries in college athletics is that between the University of Southern California Trojans and the UCLA Bruins. It's about two legendary Los Angeles institutions with different and frequently conflicting identities, not simply about sports. However, let's take a closer look at the overall rivalry between these two schools.

Some key elements of the rivalry

Geographically, it's a true crosstown rivalry between the two universities because they're only 12 miles apart in Los Angeles. People can really see one other's campuses in the distance.

Even though the basketball teams don't play for a trophy and or award, the victory bell is given to the yearly football game winner, this renowned artifact was first taken by USC students in 1941. Up until the next football game between these two schools, the victory bell is proudly exhibited on campus, painted in their colors and it is currently residing in Westwood with the Bruins.

There is a true academic rivalry between these two schools similar to Cal and Stanford. The rivalry between these two colleges is also in part because of their national reputation in academics. UCLA excels in science and engineering and is considered by some as the best public university in the country, whereas USC is a private university renowned for its robust programs in commerce and the performing arts and is ranked No 1 in Game/Simulation Development according to U.S. News & World rankings.

The first tweet is interesting for the simple fact that USC does not even have the victory bell in it's possession because UCLA defeated USC this season and has possession of the prized and cherished bell.

As seen below, UCLA has been in possession of the victory bell since they defeated USC on November 18th in football and on January 27th in basketball.

Former UCLA and USC players who are now teammates on the Chicago Bulls having fun with the rivalry.

As the below social media posts suggest, this is a very unique rivalry between these two schools.

Lastly, here is an example that even though they are rivals, they find ways to come together when great causes and partnerships are involved.

We may be rivals with University of Southern California on the fieldโ€ฆbut weโ€™re partners in serving the health care needs of Los Angeles. #StrengthAndLoveLA

Posted by UCLA on Thursday, November 18, 2021


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