Is UCLA predicted to win the Big Ten in basketball?

Predictions for which team is expected to win the Big Ten conference and take home the regular season title are beginning to be announced.
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Predictions such as the one seen below, have UCLA winning the Big Ten in basketball in 2025.

Only Purdue and Indiana are ranked ahead of UCLA in the Fox Sports way too early rankings.

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Purdue and Indiana are the only Big Ten teams ranked above UCLA in the ESPN way too early rankings.

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UCLA has as good of a chance as any team to win the Big Ten title in 2025, but it will likely be a challenge competing against 17 other teams.

  • New Conference, New Competition: UCLA is a newcomer to the Big Ten. The conference is known for its strong basketball programs, and UCLA will be facing unfamiliar opponents on the road in unfamiliar environments. However, the Bruins can win enough games to win the conference in 2025.
  • Established Teams: Teams like Purdue and Indiana are consistently predicted in these way-too-early rankings as favorites to possibly win the Big Ten in 2025. They have experience and success in the conference. However, UCLA is also projected as one of the favorites to win the Big Ten title in 2025 as well.
  • Highly Ranked: UCLA is considered a favorite in some early power rankings for the Big Ten as seen by CBS Sports and 247 Sports.
  • Talented Roster: UCLA has been actively building its roster through recruiting and transfers and has the depth and talent to compete for a conference title in 2025.

Overall, it's too early to say for sure, if UCLA will win the title. The upcoming season will depend on how well they adjust to the conference, how their new players perform, and how they fare against established Big Ten teams.

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