Who may be the next UCLA Football coach as Chip Kelly departs

Now former UCLA football head coach Chip Kelly, has decided to leave Westwood to become the new Ohio State offensive coordinator for Ryan Day and the Buckeyes.

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Most UCLA fans may be happy that Kelly is no longer the head football coach for the Bruins but the timing of his departure put UCLA in a difficult position. new head coach for their football program.

UCLA will be embarking on a search for a new football coach. They should seek an individual who can not only elevate the program’s on-field performance but also embody the university’s values and foster a positive culture within the program.

Here’s a detailed summary of the qualities and attributes that UCLA should be looking for in their next head football coach.

Proven Track Record of Success: UCLA would desire a coach with a demonstrable history of winning and building winning programs. They would seek someone who can consistently lead their teams to competitive levels and achieve success in both the Big Ten Conference and nationally.

Effective Recruiter and Developer of Talent: The ability to attract and develop top-tier talent is crucial for UCLA’s long-term success. The ideal coach would have a strong track record of recruiting talented players and developing them into well-rounded athletes and individuals.

Strategic and Innovative Offensive Approach: UCLA should seek a coach who would implement a dynamic and modern offensive scheme that maximizes the strengths of their players and keeps opposing defenses off balance. The ability to adapt and evolve offensive strategies is essential in today’s ever-changing college football landscape.

Commitment to Academic Excellence: UCLA is a world-renowned academic institution, and the football program should reflect that commitment. A new coach would prioritize academic achievement and foster a culture that supports both athletic and academic success.

Ability to Build a Positive and Inclusive Culture: UCLA should seek a coach who would create a positive and inclusive environment for all members of the football program, from players to coaches to support staff. This includes fostering a culture of mutual respect, teamwork, and personal growth.

Strong Communication and Leadership Skills: The ability to communicate effectively with players, staff, and the UCLA community is essential for any successful head coach. The ideal candidate would be a strong leader who can inspire and motivate those around them.

Experience in High-Level College Football: While not mandatory, experience coaching at a major college football program can provide valuable insights and experience that would be beneficial to UCLA.

Ability to Connect with the UCLA Community: The ability to connect with and engage the UCLA community is essential for building a strong fan base and generating support for the football program. The new coach should be someone who embraces the university’s traditions and values.

The Bruins should seek a new football coach who possesses a combination of characteristics and traits that will elevate the program’s on-field performance, embody the university’s values, and foster a positive culture within the team.

They should look at and interview proven head coaches at the Power Five level with at least some head coaching experience and the ability to win games against quality opponents at the Power Five level.

Fans can say what they want about Kelly and his program but he had a 24-13 record at UCLA these past three seasons and this is not a rebuilding the program type of job where you hire someone else’s offensive coordinator for example. The UCLA program is in a great spot to hire someone who meets a good list of criteria to become their next head coach.

Let’s take a look at some coaches who would meet the criteria to become the next head football coach of the UCLA Bruins based on the above criteria.