UCLA vs. USC showcase week 12 In-State Rivalries Previews and Predictions

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These two teams are not having the seasons they wanted but both teams are bowl eligible and winning this game would be great news for either school’s fanbase if their team were to win this game.

There’s no need to overstate or overhype one of the most intense and illustrious rivalries in college football, between USC and UCLA. Both schools are located in Los Angeles, California, and are approximately ten miles apart from one another. The two institutions’ yearly meeting is one of the most eagerly awaited games of the season for college football fans nationwide as well as Pac-12 supporters and fans. This rivalry will also continue for future years even though they are leaving the Pac-12 conference after this season. Both teams are one another protect rivals in the Big Ten which means they are guaranteed to play one another every season.

The rivalry is well-known for its ardent supporters from both fan bases, who frequently tailgate for hours in advance of the game and create a boisterous scene. Given that both schools have produced some of the greatest quarterbacks and wide receivers in college football history, the game is also renowned for its high-scoring offenses.

Once again, not to overstate the importance of this rivalry but this is one of the most thrilling and fierce rivalries in college football is that between USC and UCLA. The two schools are typically matched equally, and this year appears to be a year that both are, there is always competition in this game. Since both colleges will be joining the Big Ten in 2024, the rivalry will undoubtedly last for many more years to come as it is a big source of pride for both schools and their supporters.

Let’s take a look a some key games that defined this rivalry.

When USC trounced UCLA 76-0 in 1929, the rivalry began between these two in-city schools. Fast forward to the present day, USC has won three of the last four games and the Trojans lead the rivalry overall 50-33-7.

There were more important games between these two schools than others. In 1967, USC won a national championship after defeating UCLA 21–20 in the Rose Bowl. Therefore, the outcome of this game decided whether USC would win a national championship that year.

In the Rose Bowl, UCLA defeated USC 20–19 in 1982, ending USC’s reign of terror. The Bruins’ victory solidified UCLA’s comeback as a contender and game-winning team in this legendary rivalry as UCLA would then win the next two games in this rivalry as well. In the regular season finale in 1998, UCLA defeated USC 34-17, extending the Bruins’ winning streak against the Trojans to eight games. Then USC took the lead in this esteemed and historic rivalry.

UCLA beat UCS in a tough-fought defensive battle 13-9 win in 2006 which ended USC’s five-game winning streak in the rivalry at that time. UCLA would go on to defeat USC 38-28 In 2012, ending another extended run by the Trojans in the series and it ended another USC five-game winning streak in the rivalry between these two Los Angeles schools.

Let’s begin to look at the final scores of every game between these two teams since 2010.

2010: Trojans 28, Bruins 14

2011: Trojans 50, Bruins 0

2012: No. 17 Bruins 38, Trojans 28

2013: No. 22 Bruins 35, Trojans 14

2014: No. 11 Bruins 38, Trojans 20

2015: Trojans 40, Bruins 21

2016: No. 13 Trojans 36,  14

2017: No. 11 Trojans 28, UCLA 23

2018: Bruins 34, Trojans 27

2019: No. 23 Trojans 52, Bruins 35

2020: No. 15 Trojans 43, Bruins 38

2021: Bruins 62, Trojans 33

2022: No. 7 Trojans 48, No. 16 Bruins 45

The 10-year record between these rivals

USC: 6-4

UCLA: 4-6

The five-year record between these in-city, in-state, and in-conference rivals

USC: 3-2

UCLA: 2-3

The largest winning margin for every institution since 2010

USC in 2011 with 50 points

29 points for UCLA in 2021

The frequency with which both teams were ranked in the top 25 when they played each other

Four times (in 2022, 2023, 2014, and 2013)

 The nickname of this rivalry: “The Victory Bell Battle”

Fascinating information about this rivalry: Since both teams are from Los Angeles, they are not regarded as visitors and will be wearing their home uniforms.

The best meeting between these two universities in the previous ten years: The 2017 game, in which USC prevailed by a narrow margin of five points, nevertheless, helped the Trojans win the Pac-12 that season.

Game Forecast: USC 33, UCLA 35 is the prediction

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