NFL Draft: 3 best fits for former UCLA Football QB Josh Rosen

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According to the guidelines that we set for this article, the Colts, Buccaneers, Bears, 49ers and Raiders were automatically disqualified from taking the former UCLA Football QB. Plus I’ve already explained why I don’t believe the Browns to be a good fit so if we’ve been paying attention at home then you already knew this move was coming.

QB Depth Chart-Josh McCown, Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenberg, Joel Stave


The Bronco’s defense is a unit that could best be described as balancing between sustained success and a potential downfall. The Jets’ defense is clearly headed in the right direction. Yes they’re still melding together but their DB group is young and talented. Both safties, Marcus Maye and Jamal Adams are big hitters with plenty of range. They’re going to help protect the corners in coverage and are only going to improve on their rookie year. The linebackers, led by Demario Davis from his MLB position, are the backbone of this defense and while they lack a game changer in the pass rush department they’re well rounded and strong against the run. Along the defensive line Leonard Williams has joined the elite few DL in the NFL with his play while Steve McClendon eats blocks like they aren’t even there. That side of the ball can help carry any competent offense.

The QB room shouldn’t pose much resistance in terms of playing time meaning the former UCLA Football Bruin could theoretically come in and seize the starting job almost right away. But who is he going to throw to?


Robbie Anderson turned into one of the primary threat for the Jets after Quincy Enunwa was added to the injured reserve list in the preseason. Rookies Chad Hansen and ArDarius Stewart flashed. Jermaine Kearse was the leading receiver with 65 catches in his first season away from Seattle. Austin Seferain-Jenkins showed why when his head is on right he’s a big time weapon. So why did all of this end up under the “cons” portion? Because of that list who really scares you? Who’s the “the” guy? Even ASJ, who enjoyed a major comeback season with the Jets, might be on his way out of town.

Receiving options are plentiful but uninspiring. Hows the running game? Matt Forte has hung it up which means hopefully NY will finally have to go to another RB. Bilal Powell is a strong runner but he often absorbs just as much punishment when he takes on contact. Behind him the cupboard is a little bare as Elijah McGuire is the most exciting of the bunch. The offensive line isn’t fantastic but is much stronger run blocking than pass blocking. Something that doesn’t bode well for QBs.

This team needs a pass rusher in the worst way and has needed one for the past five years. While this defense is strong against the run they’ll always have trouble in the backend if they aren’t able to apply pressure. Giving QBs time to throw and score on you when your own passing offense can’t keep up isn’t exactly a recipe for success.


The Jets need a QB badly but they’ve hardly built a friendly environment for a rookie one. Head coach Todd Bowles might not have a stellar record with the Jets but he did just sign an extension. Still, if the team can’t display any signs of progress he’ll be canned. It’s not really the stable situation that young players need.

Provided the Jets take Rosen how should they go about the rest of the draft? Pass rusher, offensive line, pass catcher and running back are all viable options. There are a number of holes across the roster but the Jets have eight draft picks at their disposal this year. In a deep draft the Jets have the potential to add pieces in the draft and have plenty of money at their disposal in free agency. It is going to be a complete offensive overhaul and what better place to start than with a new, high quality QB you can build around for the next ten years?

Still, there’s plenty of apprehension surrounding the Jets as it relates to QB development. They’ll surely draft a QB this year but will it be Rosen? The reign of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots looks to be in it’s twilight. Securing the former UCLA Football QB could be the cornerstone to their own long term success. I’m giving this fit a B- grade.

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Of course this is all just an exercise and there’s a chance we might even see a team jump from outside the top ten to snag Rosen. He offers everything a team could want in a franchise QB. The only question now is which franchise will land the stud QB.