What’s Bruin Show – Episode 143 – UCLA Football down, NCAA Basketball scandal up


In episode 143 of the What’s Bruin Show, we have a very intense session as we talk about the UCLA Football team’s loss to Stanford and talk about the scandal that has rocked NCAA Basketball.

In this latest episode, hosts Bill Shirley, Jake Merrifield and I are joined by LA Sports Hub writer Jamaal Artis to talk about a lot of heavy subjects that have surrounded not just UCLA Football, but the entire NCAA.

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We start things off by breaking down exactly what happened in Stanford’s 58-34 annihilation of the Bruins. Once again, UCLA tried their hardest to take down the tree, and did very well in their attempt early on, but once again the Bruins not only succumbed to the Mighty Cardinal, they also helped Stanford find their next quarterback.

Josh Rosen was once again instrumental in leading his offense, who put up almost 600 yards on the Cardinal, but it still was not enough, clearly, as UCLA lost by 24 points. Though the offense tried to do their job, the defense did not exactly hold up their end of the bargain as they gave up almost 60 points to the low-scoring Cardinal.

We then preview UCLA’s game against Colorado. It was not long.

We were then able to talk with Alicia de Artola of

Reign of Troy

to help us breakdown the huge scandal that has shaken college hoops. One of USC’s assistant basketball coaches was arrested (among three others) for receiving improper benefits and steering high school players to the Trojans. It is an ugly topic and de Artola gives great insight in to what has happened and the potential fallout from this situation.

Next: Rosen is still one of the best QBs in the country

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