UCLA Football: Josh Rosen is still one of the best quarterbacks in the country


The UCLA Football team has hit a rough patch but the offense continues to rise under the leadership of Josh Rosen, who could be the best QB in the country.

When I saw the Bruins’ offense take the field in the spring, I was eager to see if they were better than they were in 2016. They were, but not by much, at least in my opinion. A lot of it had to do with the transition the UCLA Football team was going through with the new stylings of first year OC Jedd Fisch. A third offensive system in three years is obviously going to take time to get comfortable with and it felt that way through most of the spring.

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In the fall, things were tighter. The offense looked like it took another step forward, receivers were consistency catching balls, running backs were making timely plays., the offensive line was holding their own and Josh Rosen was looking, as Daft Punk would say, “Bigger, Harder, Faster, Stronger”.

Rosen understands the game, moreso after having to experience a season-ending injury last season. This highly lauded quarterback has had a lot of success in his time as a football player, but things change when one has to stop playing football.

It wasn’t that Rosen was simply completing his passes and making the offense flow in fall camp, it was how focused and determined he looked. Every play was analyzed. Every throw was methodical. Rosen looked like he was about to show the nation how to play quarterback position properly.

I could see that the Bruins’ offense was going to be better, but I never expected what has happened in the last four weeks.

Rosen has put on a clinic. Through four games he has thrown for 1,763 yards and 16 touchdowns, both of which lead the nation. These are some amazing stats but they do not tell the whole story.

The thing about Rosen is how meticulous he is with each pass. He often gets criticized for holding onto the ball too long, which is a valid argument, but it is his version of risk/reward. Rosen looks at every receiver, every route, every defender and makes the best decision based on the information given.

You can see him looking at every option, slightly moving his head from right to left or left to right, waiting, like a cobra, to strike.

One of the biggest factors in Rosen and the offense’s success is that the receiving game has gone leaps and bounds in making improvements. TE Caleb Wilson, WR Darren Andrews, WR Jordan Lasley and WR Theo Howard have all been solid in the passing game. Sure they have had a few bad plays, but the amount of positive plays and the impact of big plays has out weighed that.

This is because of the connection Rosen is making with his receivers. It is all coming together on the offensive side and it can pay off big time. The defense has to get their game in order, but for now, it is safe to say that Rosen is back and is not messing around.

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Rosen will do everything he can to help this team win, that is a given. UCLA may not be one of the top teams in the nation, but he is definitely one of the top, if not the top quarterback in all of college football. This is a fact.