What’s Bruin Show – Episode 137 – UCLA Football midway through fall camp

What's Bruin Show, image by Mike Regalado
What's Bruin Show, image by Mike Regalado /

In episode 137 of the ‘What’s Bruin Show’, we take a look at the UCLA Football team midway through fall camp and preview every team in the Pac-12.

In this episode, hosts Bill Shirley, Jake Merrifield and I welcome LA Sports Hub writer Jamaal Artis as we enter the home stretch of the college football preseason.

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We start by examining the mystery that is QB Josh Rosen. After some remarks that got the entire college football world up in arms, we discuss why talking to the media is so awkward for UCLA.

From Rosen talking about how “football and school don’t go together” to Mora not making him available for comment (and even though we did not talk about in this episode, why would Mora say that Rosen could return next season before this season even begins?), it has been awkward in several different situations for the Bruins.

We then transition to actual football talk as I discuss a theme that I have noticed throughout training camp. The UCLA offense is much improved, but the story changes when you get down to the 2nd and 3rd strings, which could be a problem for a team that is trying to bounce back. Though there is some depth and talent, a lot could go wrong if serious injuries plague this team again.

We then get into our previews of each of the 11 other Pac-12 schools. Who will thrive? Who is trying to survive? We tell you as we predict the outcome for the entire Pac-12.

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All of this and more in Episode 137 of the podcast you all know and love, the What’s Bruin Show. Also available at Podomatic.comiTunes and Stitcher.