UCLA Football: Top three offensive weapons for the Bruins

PASADENA, CA - SEPTEMBER 05: Running back Soso Jamabo
PASADENA, CA - SEPTEMBER 05: Running back Soso Jamabo /
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SALT LAKE CITY, UT – NOVEMBER 21: Thomas Duarte /

3. Devin Asiasi

Devin Asiasi certainly passes the eye test. Listed at a very large six-foot-three and 275 pounds, you’d be hard pressed to tell him apart from a defensive end. Then watch him go after the football in the air and you’d never think of him as anything other than a TE.

Transferring over from Michigan this offseason, Asiasi was denied a waiver to be eligible for 2017 but that just means he’ll have another year to get stronger and better at the TE position.

This is all provided that the UCLA Football coaches don’t decide to move him to another position. If he stays at TE the Bruins will get a man mover of a run blocker that plays with the nastiness of an offensive guard. But they’ll also get a big man who can threaten the seam of a defense, high point a ball and secure it with soft mitts.

You can line Asiasi up all over the place. He can be used inline like a traditional TE, he can be detached off the line in the slot or in the backfield like an H-back. His versatility allows him to play hurry up without having to sub players giving them another weapon in their arsenal.

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Like I said above there’s a chance the coaches will move him over to the defensive side of the ball but with all the young talent along the defensive line Bruin fans could get very lucky and see Asiasi catches passes over the middle where no defensive back wants to meet him.