If Josh Rosen was on Alabama, they would win the National Championship

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UCLA’s Josh Rosen is very good. So good, that if he was on Alabama, or any of the schools in the Top 5, he would lead them to a National Championship.

UCLA Football junior quarterback Josh Rosen is a lot of things. He is a scholar. He is a thinker. He is a talker and voices his opinion quite often. He is also a very, very good football player.

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At the start of last season, Rosen and the Bruins were feeling confident about their chances of success before the start the 2016 season. Unfortunately, we found out early that it was going to be a struggle, especially with new Offensive Coordinator Kennedy Polamalu’s power-based offense, which did not fit with the Bruins’ personnel.

UCLA lost in overtime to Texas A&M in Game 1. The Bruins then went 3-2 heading into game six against Arizona State. In that game, Rosen threw for 400 yards, all while getting knocked out of the game, twice. Unfortunately, he was also knocked out for the year and UCLA had their first losing season in the Mora era, going 4-8.

There were issues all over. The offensive line was inefficient, the running game was non-existent and receivers often could not catch a pass. But things have changed. Mora got almost an entirely new offensive coaching staff in hope to rejuvenate the offense.

The one thing that did work for the Bruins was Rosen. It seems that because Rosen sustained a severe injury, missing half the season, and UCLA going 4-8, the perception of Rosen is that he is not an elite quarterback. What folks that study the UCLA Football team will tell you is, Rosen is one of the best quarterbacks in the country.

Despite a stagnant offense and players that often dropped passes, he still threw for 319 yards per game, which puts him as 3rd best in the Pac-12 behind Davis Webb (Cal) and Luke Falk (Washington State). Per attempt, Rosen snagged 8.3 yards, the best in the Pac-12 which includes Jake Browning (Washington) and Sam Darnold (USC).

My point is that Josh Rosen is a very, very, very good football player.

Now getting back to my headline, which I know Alabama fans are waiting to rip apart, if Rosen was on Alabama (or Ohio State or Florida State or Clemson), he would lead them to a National Championship.

if you watch Rosen play, you will see an NFL-ready player with great form, excellent vision and an incredible arm that will lead him to a lot of success in the future.

Heck, I’ll even say he will make them go undefeated. Though all these schools have good quarterbacks, it can be argued that Rosen is better than all of them.

Critics know that UCLA has a few things they need to shore up and it appears as if the new staff is slowly getting there.

That is not to say Rosen can’t get UCLA a National Championship, but right now, the Bruins need to fix a few things before we get into that kind of talk.

Still, Josh Rosen is a quarterback that is going to get your attention, if he hasn’t already with his non-football opinions. But if you watch Rosen play, you will see an NFL-ready player with great form, excellent vision and an incredible arm that will lead him to a lot of success in the future.

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Although, that success demands the help of his coaches and teammates. If UCLA has all the pieces, Rosen will lead and shock the nation. He is that good , Ladies and Gentlemen.