NBA Finals: Three former UCLA Basketball players win rings with the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors dominated the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA Finals which means that former UCLA Basketball players Matt Barnes, Kevon Looney and GM Bob Myers are champions!

It was a bloodbath. It was horrible. It was excruciatingly painful watching the Cleveland Cavaliers get annihilated by the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

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With a star-studded roster, the Warriors are once again champions, which means three former UCLA Basketball players will get their rings!

Matt Barnes, Kevon Looney and Golden State General Manager Bob Meyers all have had a hand in the Warriors’ championship run and now their hard work is paying off.

Looney is the most recent Bruin who played with UCLA for the 2014-15 season. This year with Golden State, he only played 8.4 minutes per game, but hey, he gets his ring. Matt Barnes was acquired late in the season by the Warriors, but his presence allowed him to be the team’s sixth best scorer.

And let us not forget the architect behind Golden State’s recent dominance, Bob Myers. Because of his vision, he has guided the Warriors to their second championship in the last three seasons.

Golden State was simply the better team. Cleveland had crept back into the game in the third quarter, but the start of the fourth say a barrage of shots that knocked out the Cavaliers. The Warriors outscored the Cavs 31-27 to eventually win 129-120 and the NBA Championship in five games.

Congratulations to Barnes, Looney, Myers and Go Joe Bruin writer and avid Warriors fan, Nathan Eberhardt! Go Bruins!