Los Angeles District Attorney To Pursue Charges Against P. Diddy


We knew that the alleged attack on UCLA football strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi by rapper/producer Sean “P. Diddy” Combs was not going away anytime soon and just a little while ago, it came out that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is going forward and pursuing charges.

Bruin Report Online, which has had excellent coverage of the situation since all of this occurred yesterday, had reported it this afternoon.

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Diddy is facing felony charges which consist of three counts of assault, one count of making a terrorist threat and one count of battery.

UCLA Bruins
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UCLA Bruins

This all stemmed from Diddy entering Alosi’s office with his son, junior defensive back Justin Combs, after Alosi kicked out the younger Combs for missing practices and apparently not giving his full effort during a Monday workout. Diddy had struck Alosi and after UCLA football staff members pulled him off and took him to a nearby weight room, Diddy took a kettle bell and attempted to hit an intern.

After things calmed and UCLA campus police showed up on the scene, security video was reviewed which promoted the UCPD to arrest Diddy. He was taken to the local campus jail and later transported to a Downtown facility where he posted bail.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office feels that there is definitely a case and will use the security video as evidence. BRO also reports that “a source also indicated that there are other videos taken from personal cell phones of the incident. It’s anticipated that those videos will be made public fairly soon.”

P. Diddy is expected to fight the charges and even had a statement released by a representative stating that he acted in self-defense and claims that what has been reported is “wholly inaccurate”.