UCLA’s 2015 Hall of Fame


There is absolutely no doubt that UCLA carries a very successful athletic and academic history that features some of the most amazing people around the world. Each year UCLA honors exemplary indivudals for their achievements by inducting them into their Hall of Fame.

This year there were eight athletes:

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UCLA Bruins
UCLA Bruins /

UCLA Bruins

Many of these athletes are being honored because of their extraordinary achievements. They are NCAA champions, Olympians, Pac-10 Players of the Year, and many more.  UCLA has chosen to honor them for contributing national and individual championship titles to UCLA’s expansive history.

Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is no small feat. Past inductees include legends like Jackie Robinson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and many more. The Hall of Fame truly puts the memories of UCLA’s champions in a special home.

The Hall of Fame is a gem on campus. When you walk into the Hall of Fame, you see some pretty incredible things. There is one room entirely dedicated to showcasing trophies that UCLA has accumulated over the years including the original Heisman Trophy. There is another part of the Hall of Fame that looks like an exact replica of John Wooden‘s office. Surrounded by the memories of the past with old Joe Bruin costumes and props, it becomes a walk through UCLA’s amazing history.

For any Bruin, being inducted into the Hall of Fame is amazing. These Bruins will be honored on Friday, Oct. 2nd this year for an exclusive ceremony that will be held in UCLA’s very own Covel Commons. They will also be honored during the halftime show of the UCLA-Arizona State Football game at the Rose Bowl on Oct. 3rd, 2015.