Have you seen the UCLA Football Billboards Around Town?


Whether it’s by getting its name in the local newspapers, such as the LA Times, or sharing secrets on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, UCLA does not shy away from any type of spotlight. While these types of marketing techniques are common amongst many universities across the United States, one technique the Bruins use that has been very positive for the marketing of UCLA football is the utilization of billboards.

Driving through LA, the amount of billboards you see is overwhelming. There are billboards for just about anything and everything and while most of these billboards have the main goal of attempting to sell you something, you might be excited to know that that is not the case with UCLA.

UCLA Bruins
UCLA Bruins /

UCLA Bruins

Aside from the UCLA health billboards which advocate for the health program, most of the billboards accented with a blue and gold touch contain much more than just an advertisement. They contain motivational messages from legends like Troy Aikman, or even feature stills of NCAA champion gymnasts.

Something new UCLA debuted this year which will be sure to catch the eye of those stuck in LA traffic are their most recent billboards honoring this years NFL draftees. For Eric Kendricks, Owamagbe Odighizuwa, and Brett Hundley, UCLA did something they will never forget.

To honor the players for their achievement of being drafted to the NFL, UCLA has stated that they will be posting billboards around Los Angeles in their honor. On the billboard design is a big congratulations, the player’s name and picture, and the logo of their future team. As an added perk, on the bottom of the billboard it also honors these players as UCLA graduates, another achievement to be proud of.

With a school like UCLA in a city like Los Angeles, something like a billboard isn’t just a picture but a statement that shows the true pride that comes with being a Bruin.