UCLA Women's Tennis beat Southern Cal the other day, moving them into the..."/> UCLA Women's Tennis beat Southern Cal the other day, moving them into the..."/>

UCLA Women’s Tennis: Let’s get #109, ladies


As our boy Justin noted the other day, UCLA Women’s Tennis beat Southern Cal the other day, moving them into the NCAA Finals as they take on the Florida Gators, who bested Duke in their semi-finals matchup.

Of course, you know me: I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I know anything about our UCLA Women’s Tennis team. Doing so would be pretty damn disrespectful for a team that busted their asses off to get to this stage. Why half-ass something about a team that went full-ass?

There are, however, serious implications. This win would net us banner number 109, extending our lead for the most NCAA team titles among any collegiate athletics program. The very nice fellows at Reign of Troy decided to be pretty misguided in one regard with their little rant:

Well, if they say so. Of course, the clever little bastards we are here at Go Joe Bruin, we dismantled their silly arguments. What did we say? Well, we combated facts with facts: 20 of U$C’s team titles — including their football titles — came before 1950, when UCLA’s athletics program was barely coming to fruition. They like to count titles against us before our program even became self-sufficient. And then there’s that whole nonsense of UCLA fielding more sports than U$C does. We like to find that pretty damn hilarious that having more sports that we can support is somehow counted against us. Apparently, because we have more breadth than those Tr0jans do, that should penalize us in terms of national titles. What a joke.

And then they wanted to discuss football titles and “non-NCAA” titles. Well, OK, but you have to wonder if they realize UCLA has 129 total titles, including their non-NCAA titles, in comparison to U$C, which has 116 total team titles. We’ve heard these arguments before, but they persist. Again, next joke. As one of our favorite Bruins pointed out, UCLA should be worried about Stanford before they are worried about Southern Cal:

And of course, these silly arguments that the very smart (but again, somewhat misguided) RoT bloggers brought up come as a response to U$C’s berth into the NCAA Men’s Tennis finals, completely ignorant of the fact that UCLA’s Women’s Tennis team had just beaten U$C to land themselves into the situation they’re in.

So let’s not hear all these silly-ass Trojan arguments that we have a “fake advantage” when they’ve yet to even leap into the Number 2 spot. Go out there and extend that lead, UCLA Women’s Tennis team.