Bruins in the NBA


Typically in posts like these, you’ll see a story about a UCLA player doing well.

But today, as the first round of the NBA playoffs have concluded, I wanted to look at UCLA as a whole versus other colleges.

Taking into account playoff data only (so playing at the highest levels) and going by the total minutes (so we ignore the bench warmers), UCLA leads all colleges in the amount of minutes played.

This is yet another reason why UCLA should be an attractive destination for future recruits- we haven’t been doing too shabby lately in the pros. In fact, adjusted, the Pac-12 is actually doing one of the best in the NBA currently. So while we may have had a down year last year, there’s plenty to look forward to.

Mher Alaverdyan wrote an excellent post comparing the number of minutes by college players, and it’s definitely worth a read. Check it out!