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UCLA Football: New, black uniforms leaked? (PHOTO)


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UCLA’s uniforms have needed an upgrade, some have said. While some are traditionalists and want our old 1970s uniforms back, others are a bit more progressive and want us to keep up with the times.

The dude at Punting is Winning is one of them, often laying down some mock-ups that he’d like to see.

Of course, UCLA might just have some new uniforms to unveil after all. And they’re black. From BruinZone, via PIW (note: please vote on whether you would like to see our Bruins in all black in the poll below):

As the poster at BruinZone notes, the posters on the right are the originals, and the two black ones on the left are obviously the new unis.

Of course, commenters at BruinZone, a UCLA forum, have voiced their displeasure with the uniforms. This might be due to the fact that they are traditionalists; I say “of course” because every Bruin fan I meant that frequented those forums are traditionalists and older Bruins that would like to see a restoring of older UCLA traditions. Of course, that might not apply to the general population at large at BruinZone.

Punting is Winning, however, is probably one of the strongest advocates of modernizing the uniforms, and even came up with a similar, all-black mock-up a bit ago:

I don’t think they’re the same, but the concept is — an all-black, bolder alternative uniform.

I can’t tell what they look like, and neither can you (don’t lie!), but the pictures are intriguing. Just what, exactly, does UCLA have up their sleeve?

I don’t know. Personally, I believe our uniforms need modernizing. Not, “DUDE, WHAT THE HELL IS OREGON WEARING?” modern, but something more sleek and, you know, 2010s.

No one knows if these are the dead-set alternatives, road alternatives, or (God forbid) base uniforms; the excitement will just have to pulsate through your veins.