Shabazz! Tony Parker Next?



I’d like to take this time to gloat. If the guys at had their way, we would have thrown Shabazz away by firing Howland. YOU DON’T THROW SHABAZZ AWAY. It’s just common sense. Thankfully, more level fans won out and today we reap the rewards. I know an official apology from bruinsnation is too much to ask for, but this is more proof that fans are not necessarily the best architects for their teams (especially if they can’t provide logical reasoning for what they are lobbying for).

I’ve heard their arguments- “Shabazz won’t fix anything.”* But the point is a guy like this will bring buzz to UCLA and push UCLA to discussion-worthy status once more. Again- you just don’t throw Shabazz away. Sure, fire Howland if he fails next year. But an opportunity for a deep tournament run is something you don’t pass up, because that’s the best you can hope for any year (after all, people only remember the tournament wins, and maybe a deep run).

But what was really interesting was Shabazz saying that hopefully Tony Parker will come to UCLA. If Tony Parker is the type of guy that cares about who he’ll play with, then this will push UCLA to the top for Tony Parker (we know Shabazz is definitely the type of guy who cares about who he plays with).

Tony Parker will provide depth and potential to shine at the center (or PF) position, and will be a great fit at UCLA. He’s probably extremely conflicted at this point, as he didn’t make his announcement today.

So to recap, everybody at UCLA is happy except those folks at bruinsnation, because they think UCLA basketball is irreparable. (But don’t worry about them. Even the most pessimistic Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Charlotte Bobcats fans aren’t as pessimistic as them.)