GoJoeBruinUCLA UCLA football held its second Spring Practice on Thursday..."/> GoJoeBruinUCLA UCLA football held its second Spring Practice on Thursday..."/>

UCLA Football: Spring Practice, Day Two Links


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UCLA football held its second Spring Practice on Thursday afternoon, and by all indications, Tuesday’s narrative dominated by uptempo play and physicality is no fluke.

Of course, your humble narrator didn’t go, because he was too busy getting an education — what nerve, that guy.

So instead, I’ll bring you some links and give you some insight in to what I’m reading, what you’ll be reading, and how that compares to Tuesday’s practice. We act progressively, guys. Get the context.

Bruins Ball. According to Scott Robinson, the physicality on display this past Tuesday didn’t let up; this time, All-World TE Joe Fauria got into a skirmish with safety Andrew Abbott. Jim Mora continues to discourage this kind of fighting, because, seriously, Joe Fauria, at 6’8”, has a nine-inch advantage on the 5’11” Abbott. Although, it isn’t as if we have never seen a size difference like that before:


There’s a ton more notes on other players in this post, so we urge you to check it out.

Inside UCLA. Jon Gold discusses some interesting facts about the UCLA coaches that are consistent with what was seen on Tuesday. He notes how youthful and energetic they continue to be. Personally, Coach Eric Yarber seemed like the loudest coach out there on Tuesday, but he might’ve just been in a salient position. (That’s what she said.)


Jim Mora discusses how Spring Practice went. He talked mainly about positions and the tempo, making it clear that no positions have been won yet. He also stresses that he’s never seen these guys play just yet, and he’ll hold judgment for about two weeks. He also continues to denounce “dust-ups” and he makes a compelling argument. I ain’t gonna lie, Coach. I love me some dust-ups.

That’s it for Day Two. I’ll be back at Spaulding on Saturday, if I don’t oversleep.