Who do UCLA fans want to be their next football coach?

UCLA fans want a big name coach and here are some names that people are suggesting the Bruins should go after to be the next head football coach at UCLA.
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Here are some social media posts from UCLA fans and their hopes on how UCLA should hire as their next coach.

The reality of this happening is similar to UCLA getting commitments from ten five star recruits for the 2025 class next week. As the old phrase goes, "Technically anything is possible" however, the above suggested hires will not happen.

If there was a possibility of UCLA hiring one of those three coaches that was suggested, Pete Carroll would be the hire. However, a decent amount of Bruin fans are not excited about hiring a former coach who coached at USC.

This UCLA fan wants Deion Sanders to be the next head coach of the Bruins.

This UCLA fan has an interesting top 5 coaching candidates list to replace Chip Kelly.

This fan believes UCLA should call Lane Kiffin immediately and offer him the head coaching job.

Finally this UCLA fan has the Bruins looking to the Big 12 for their next head coach.

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