Where is UCLA ranked in the state of California college basketball power rankings

Some teams in the state of California are separating themselves from other teams as they are playing well at the start of the month and ranked in these power rankings.
Nov 30, 2023; Los Angeles, California, USA; UCLA Bruins guard Sebastian Mack (12) dribbles against
Nov 30, 2023; Los Angeles, California, USA; UCLA Bruins guard Sebastian Mack (12) dribbles against / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Let's take a look at the division one men's college basketball power rankings for those teams who reside in the state of California.

This is the first state of California rankings for the 2023–2024 season as we approach the start of February. Let's examine which teams are included in these power rankings, how these rankings were determined, and why.

Are the total points scored by each team based on the rankings below that have been selected for these college basketball power rankings the sole factors used to calculate these rankings?

No, and even though conference play various for each of these teams and some teams have more impressive non-conference wins than other teams and many schools have had strong starts to conference play to start the month of February, the ranking systems that are covered in these state of California power rankings still play a key role in determining these rankings.

Are these rankings debatable and subjective?

Yes, they are, given that no power rating is ideal or flawless. These state of California power rankings were established based on particular standards that set them apart from other college basketball power rankings. Fans, reporters, and alumni of these state of California universities that analyze and debate these teams and basketball programs that reside in the state of California and how well they are doing this season will always find these rankings for these teams to be tough, challenging, and open for disagreement.

What criteria are applied to these California state rankings?

The following is a list of the formulas that are used to calculate various power rankings inside these ranking systems. In these rankings, the teams with the lowest cumulative point totals will be placed highest. The rankings take into account every game played as of 02/04/24.

Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings

The College Basketball Power Index (BPI)

NET Rankings

Sagarin’s College Basketball Ratings

Here are the first two state of California teams ranked in the first power rankings of the 2023-24 season.

14-9 Overall Record. . . 10. Long Beach State ranking. . . 6-5 Conference Record. . 2353

Best Wins this season: @ Michigan (94-86), Iona (80-76) in Gulf Coast Showcase, @ USC (84-79), and UC San Diego (85-76).

Significant Losses this season: @ San Diego State (76-88), Louisiana (82-92) in Gulf Coast Showcase, @ UC San Diego (74-88), @ UC Santa Barbara (76-85), and UC Irvine (61-72).

. . 9-13 Overall Record. . 2287. . 5-6 Conference Record. . Cal Bear Ranking. 9

Best Wins this season: Santa Clara (84-69), UC San Diego (71-67), @ UCLA (66-57), Colorado (82-78), Washington State (81-75), Stanford (73-71), and @ Arizona State (81-66).

Significant Losses this season: UTEP (72-75) in Socal Challenge - Surf Division, Tulane (81-84) in Socal Challenge - Surf Division, San Diego State (67-76) in Socal Showcase, @ Butler (90-97), Ole Miss (78-88) in Hall Of Fame Series - San Antonio, Arizona (81-100), Arizona State (69-71), @ USC
(74-82), @ Oregon (73-80), Washington (75-77), and @ Arizona (65-91).