UCLA Basketball and Football: December 16th is a big day

Usually, one day in collegiate athletics is not a defining day. However, in this instance, Saturday, Dec. 16 is a big day for UCLA football and basketball for many reasons.
UCLA Basketball
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The Basketball teams needs a big win in non-conference play after going 0 for 3 in three marquee games they have played this season.

Saturday, Dec. 16. Ohio State vs. UCLA. 8-2. 490. 3 PM EST. 5-3. 518. CBS. CBS Sports Classic

UCLA basketball has a big game against Ohio State and it is not a must win game but it is a game that the Bruins need to win in order to boost their NCAA Tournament resume.


ABC. The LA Bowl . 8-5. 502. Saturday, Dec. 16. UCLA vs. Boise State. 7-5. 518. 7:30 PM EST

The UCLA football team has a big game against Boise State and a win can restore confidence in the program and Chip Kelly for certain fans who have a pessimistic outlook of the football program at this time.


Reasons Why UCLA Needs to Defeat Boise State in the LA Bowl

1. Momentum and Confidence

Ending the season on a high note: A win would send the Bruins into the offseason with momentum and confidence, building excitement for the 2024 season.
Erasing the bitter taste of regular season losses: After falling short in key Pac-12 games, a bowl victory would provide redemption and a positive finish to the year.
Boosting player morale: A win would be a morale booster for the team, especially young players, and could attract talented recruits.

2. Local Pride and Bragging Rights

Defending LA turf: Winning the LA Bowl on home soil would solidify UCLA's dominance in the city (as they already defeated USC earlier this season) and establish bragging rights over Boise State.
Fan satisfaction: A victory would delight the large and passionate UCLA fanbase, further strengthening their connection to the team.
Citywide buzz: A win would generate excitement across Los Angeles, drawing attention to UCLA and potentially boosting local support.

3. Program Development and Recruiting

Building a winning culture: A bowl win would be a key step in establishing a consistent winning culture, vital for attracting top talent after UCLA's last three of their previous four games this season.
Impressing recruits: A victory in front of a national audience could sway undecided recruits and give UCLA an edge in the recruiting battle.
Boosting program prestige: A win would raise the profile of the UCLA football program nationally and send a positive message to potential recruits.

4. Bowl Game Accolades

Improving the overall bowl record: A win would improve UCLA's overall bowl record and potentially propel them into prestigious bowl games in the future.
Financial benefits: A bowl victory comes with financial incentives, which can be reinvested in the program for future success.
Historical significance: Certain wins become part of a program's lore. A victory in the first LA Bowl could be a significant moment in UCLA football history.

5. Intangibles and Motivation

Playing for pride: Beyond the tangible benefits, a win would be a matter of pride for players, coaches, and the entire UCLA community, especially after home losses to Arizona State and Cal this season.
Opportunity for younger players: The bowl game provides a chance for younger players to shine and gain valuable experience.
Overcoming challenges: Defeating Boise State the Mountain West champions, a well-respected program, would be a testament to the team's resilience and ability to overcome adversity.

Ultimately, winning the LA Bowl against Boise State would be a significant accomplishment for UCLA football, offering valuable benefits in terms of momentum, pride, program development, and overall success.

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