UCLA athletes had a great week led by wins against USC

The UCLA teams had an amazing week with a ton of victories that included wins over USC, Michigan, Stanford, Indiana, and more.
Colorado v UCLA
Colorado v UCLA / Katharine Lotze/GettyImages

Let's take a look at the numerous victories heading into the first week of March for various UCLA teams.

The women's basketball team had a great week.

Women's Basketball won three games this past week. Two of their wins were on the road and their other victory was against the No. 13 ranked team. The lady Bruins are putting themselves back in contention for a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament this year. They have won their last five games and they are then No. 3 seed in the Pac 12 and they will play the winner of the Arizona State and Utah game in the second round of the conference tournament.

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The men's volleyball team swept their crosstown rivals this week.

No. 4 ranked UCLA Bruins defeated No. 11 ranked USC in men's volleyball this week twice this week with one being at home and the other being right down the road. UCLA has won six of their last seven matches and they next host both Penn State and Ohio State next week in the Pac-12/Big Ten Challenge.

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The UCLA Softball won three of their four games in the Judi Garman Classic.

The No. 19 ranked UCLA Lady Bruins softball team did well this week with some impressive wins. They started off the Judi Garman Classic at Anderson Family Field where Cal State Fullerton plays their games with an impressive 10-0 victory over Michigan. Then after a tough 1-0 defeat to No. 15 ranked Florida, UCLA went on to defeat Weber State 8-0 and DePaul 9-1. In the Judi Garman Classic, they outscored their opponent 27-2. They now have won seven of their last nine games. They next play San Jose State to finish their play in the Judi Garman Classic.

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The UCLA Beach Volleyball team dominated, winning all four of their matches this week.

The No. 1 UCLA beach volleyball team won all four matches in the Battle for LA against four ranked teams. They started off with an outstanding performance against No. 8 ranked Cal defeating the Golden Bears 4-1 and then followed that up with a 4-1 victory against No. 18 ranked Cal Poly. The following day they defeated No. 13 ranked Washington 5-0 and ended their play in the Battle for LA with another impressive win against No. 9 ranked Long Beach State with the final score being 4-1. The beach volleyball team has won their last seven matches and next play at Arizona State in the Pac-12 South Invitational.

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Here are some other impressive victories by UCLA teams this past week.

The UCLA women's tennis team defeated UCS 5-2 for their third straight victory. This was also the Lady Bruins second top-10 victory of the year, as the USC Trojans are currently ranked No. 8.

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The No. 10 ranked UCLA gymnastics team defeated No. 24 ranked Stanford. UCLA next travels to Arizona State to take on the Sun Devils.

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The No. 1 ranked Women's Water Polo team remains undefeated as they beat No. 14 ranked Indiana on the road. UCLA returns home to face off against Biola next week.

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