Highlighted wins by various UCLA teams this past week

The UCLA athletic department overall must be very satisfied by the successes of their Bruin teams in early Spring with various teams playing very well.
Oregon State v UCLA
Oregon State v UCLA / Katharine Lotze/GettyImages

Let's take a look at some of the victories by UCLA teams this past week.

The UCLA baseball team won their first Pac-12 series of the year this past weekend.

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UCLA won their first game against Washington State led by the outstanding pitching of Junior Luke Jewett.

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The Bruins after losing their second game of the series, won the third game behind the offense of Freshman Roman Martin who contributed a career-high five RBIs to lead the Bruins offense.

The UCLA beach volleyball team defeated all four opponents they faced in the East Meets West Invitational.

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After the Lady Bruins swept No. 17 Grand Canyon 5-0, they defeated No. 8 LSU.

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Before UCLA swept No. 15 Georgia State 5-0, the Bruins defeated No. 4 ranked Florida State, as UCLA went undefeated in the East Meets West Invitational in Manhattan Beach, California.

The UCLA women's tennis team hosted both Pac-12 schools from the state of Arizona and swept the weekend with two key victories.

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No. 18 ranked UCLA women's tennis team extended its winning streak to six games with a 4-0 victory over Arizona State. Additionally, the Bruins have won all three of their Pac-12 games by shutout.

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The women's tennis team defeated the Wildcats to end its seven-match homestand with a perfect 7-0 record to improve to 9-3 overall on the season.

The UCLA softball also had a great week after defeating Rutgers, they swept Loyola Marymount.

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