Don't believe the rumors of Mick Cronin leaving UCLA

It is that time of year when rumors are being posted about Cronin leaving UCLA to take another coaching job elsewhere. Simply put, don't believe the rumors.
UCLA v Oregon
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This is not the first time, nor is it the last time that social media and college basketball writers will mention Mick Cronin's name for a head coaching vacancy.

Let's start with the rumors he is leaving UCLA to take the head coaching job at Louisville.

USC writers just trying to get a response from UCLA fans with this tweet.

First, who is saying that UCLA wants to get rid of Cronin? Don't believe everything you read on social media.

However, he is right about the fact that Cronin has a massive buy out and his leaving UCLA because of it is highly unlikely.

Everyone has a right to their opinion but we politely disagree.

Yes, Cronin would be an excellent fit for many places but so would Dan Hurley and Nate Oats and we don't see their names being mentioned.

Now let's talk about the rumors of Cronin becoming the next coach at Michigan.

All signs? What signs are they seeing that we are not? At least explain what signs they are seeing.

Then there are Arizona fans quoting other Arizona fans who are spreading rumors for some reason that he is going to take the Michigan job. Some Bruins fans will not miss the rivalry with Arizona because of stuff like this.

The main reasons why Cronin is staying at UCLA.

  • Success at UCLA: Cronin has a strong record at UCLA with an overall record of 115–53 over four seasons. He even led the team to the Final Four in his second year and followed that season up with back-to-back Sweet Sixteen appearances. His success in Westwood is a good reason for him to want to stay and build on what he's accomplished.
  • Long Tenure Possible: Cronin is known for his coaching longevity. He spent 13 seasons at the University of Cincinnati before coming to UCLA and he is more than likely looking to establish himself as the long-term coach for the Bruins program.
  • Challenges and Improvement: UCLA's current season has been less successful than previous ones, clearly based on missing the NCAA Tournament this year. Cronin might see this as a challenge and be motivated to get the team back on track for next season.

Overall, there's no guarantee Cronin will stay at UCLA but this goes for 95% of the coaches in college basketball with exceptions of the Tom Izzo and Matt Painter, but his past performance and coaching style suggest he might be in it for the long haul and wants to stay in Westwood for years to come.

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