10 biggest NFL draft busts in UCLA football history

The UCLA Bruins have produced plenty of Hall of Famers in the first round of the NFL draft, but in football there's a Josh Rosen to every Troy Aikman.

Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen
Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen / David Wallace/The Republic
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Jim Mora brought Chosen Rosen to UCLA to save the football program. He was the next Troy Aikman, who would lead the Bruins to glory and go No. 1 overall in the NFL draft. Rosen was a five-star who threw for 3,669 yards and 23 touchdowns in an 8-5 season as a freshman, but never made any significant improvements. In his third year, Rosen threw for 3,756 yards and 26 touchdowns, nearly identical numbers in his freshman and junior seasons. 

So, with Mora fired and UCLA football far from saved, Rosen was off to the NFL. Instead of going No. 1 overall, Baker Mayfield was selected by the Browns, the Jets took Sam Darnold at No. 3, the Bills took Josh Allen at No. 7 and to round out the class, Lamar Jackson was grabbed 32nd overall by the Ravens. Rosen was the fourth of five quarterbacks selected and immediately distinguished himself as the worst of the bunch. 

The Cardinals were so bad in 2018 with Rosen leading them to 3-10 in his starts with 11 touchdowns to 14 picks and a 55.2% completion percentage, that they got the No. pick in 2019 and selected Kyler Murray, trading Rosen to Miami for a second-round pick which they used on Andy Isabella, another bust. 

Rosen went 0-3 with the Dolphins, latched on in Atlanta as a backup in 2021, and while Lamar Jackson is already on his second MVP, Josh Allen is competing with Patrick Mahomes for Super Bowls, and Baker Mayfield is writing his redemption story in Tampa, Rosen is out of professional football. Even Sam Darnold is a highly sought-after backup.

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