UCLA Basketball: Pac-12 Announces Scheduling Format

With a little over one month to go before the College Basketball season begins, UCLA Basketball is beginning to get an idea of what their slate will look like.

Unlike football, UCLA Basketball has known for months that they will be playing a semi-regular season schedule.

Yesterday, the Pac-12 Conference announced its plans for a 20-game Men’s college basketball season and a 22-game Women’s college basketball season.

Typically, the Pac-12 regular season schedule consists of 18 games, starting in the first week of January. However, with the non-conference scheduling unclear due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the conference decided to up the schedule by two games.

This could be a big win for UCLA and the conference. With more opportunities to face off against teams in the Pac-12 that UCLA wouldn’t have had as much of an opportunity against, every team will have an accurate assesment of their level of play. Additionally, assuming that there will be a conference tournament, UCLA is guaranteed a look at every team in the conference.

The Pac-12 will announce at a later date what their plans are for when the season will start, as well as if it’s teams will be able to compete in non-conference games and tournaments. The success of football, which will kick off in November, will certainly make a big impact on the layout of the Pac-12 basketball season.