What’s Bruin Show (194) – A heated discussion about UCLA Basketball

What's Bruin Show image by Mike Regalado
What's Bruin Show image by Mike Regalado /

In episode194 of the ‘What’s Bruin Show’, we had a very heated, yet constructive discussion on the quest for UCLA basketball’s next coach.

We are back ladies and gentlemen! It is our first show of 2019 and it was big! So big that we had to cut it up into two parts. In this two-part episode, hosts Bill Shirley, Jake Merrifield and I chat with guest host Jamaal Artis about the state of UCLA basketball.

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To quickly recap, after UCLA’s loss to Liberty back on December 29th (which was their fourth consecutive loss), the UCLA Atheltic Department finally fired Steve Alford and named Murry Bartow as the interim head coach.

With that fallout, pundits quickly gave their opinions about why Alford had to go and who the next coach will be. That has led to a litany of names being thrown around from NBA coaches to elite college coaches to former UCLA basketball players to disgraced exiled coaches. In the meantime, the Bruins have had to adjust to Bartow’s style of play which has led them to a surprising 2-0 Pac-12 start.

So here we are, now in 2019. After all of these events have taken place, the four of us came together to give our very vocal opinions about what has transpired in the last two weeks. Because there was so much to cover, we had to cut it into two episodes.

Episode 194a – A Heated Discussion About UCLA Basketball

In the Part 1, we recap the last few weeks, starting out with the reasons why Alford had to go. With UCLA falling into a self-created abyss by Alford, it was essential for UCLA to get him out and we discuss why.

And now that he is gone, we look into some of the candidates to replace him… that is when things got heated as we talked about controversial coaches being named to replace Alford.

Episode 194b – UCLA Basketball Going Forward

In Part 2, we cooled off enough to talk about the team itself and how Bartow has made crucial changes to the team dynamic which has the Bruins going in the right direction. Are these changes enough to help the Bruins win the Pac-12? We bloviate about what we expect to happen.

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