Bruins fans are going to want to check out our brand new gear


We’ve got some new Bruins gear, just in time for the holidays! Take a look at our newest t-shirt and hoodie – which are available right now!

We here at Go Joe Bruin know how important the gift of swag is this holiday season. So we hit the drawing board with the FanSided Swag Shop and created some brand new merchandise for Bruins Nation.

Of course, we’re in full-blown ‘crootin season – so there’s no better time to remind Los Angeles who really runs things.

Hint: It isn’t the team in red.

But enough chat – you want to see the gear! So check out our Fight, Fight, Fight Club t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt.

Fight, Fight, Fight Club T-Shirt ($24.99)

FS Swag
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A thick cotton t-shirt that is as vibrant as it is comfortable? That’s a win-win right there. Shirt comes pre-shrunk, features shoulder-to-shoulder taping and is available in sizes S-3XL. A full size guide is available on the Swag Shop website.

Fight, Fight, Fight Club Hooded Sweatshirt ($34.99)

FS Swag
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This hoodie is made from a 50-50 blend of cotton and polyester – so it’s soft and comfy, which is the exact thing you need out of a hooded sweatshirt. Features a double-lined hood to keep you warm and a spandex waistband to prevent a draft.

Don’t wait. Order your Fight, Fight, Fight Club gear today and tell the entire world who you’re rooting for.