What’s Bruins Show (180) – UCLA Football, Fresno State and Reggie Carter

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What's Bruin Show image by Mike Regalado /

In episode 180 of ‘What’s Bruin Show’, we quickly recap UCLA football’s battle with Oklahoma as we dissect what went wrong and what went right, preview the Fresno State game and talk to former Bruin Reggie Carter.

In this episode, hosts Bill Shirley, Jake Merrifield and I put on a huge show for you. So big that we had to cut it into two parts. That is what happens when there is a lot to take away from UCLA football in their first two games of the Chip Kelly era.

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With Bill back in the host’s seat, we get his thoughts on UCLA-Oklahoma and like Jake and Mike’s post-game analysis (which you can listen to on iTunes), he agrees that despite losing by 28 points, there were a lot of positives with this team and the feeling is not as bad as it was after the Cincinnati game.

The three of us also look at what is going on with the offense and why it is not running as efficiently as we expected it to. Many want to lay this on the offensive line, but missed connections are occurring across the board and we give you a few examples from the Oklahoma game.

We then preview the Fresno State game. The Bulldogs have been quite impressive in their first two games, but how will they do against the Bruins? One thing that piques our interest is the fact that UCLA’s defense is getting better and could be the toughest Fresno State faces in this early part of the season.

We then welcome an old friend to the show, former UCLA football player Reggie Carter, as he gives his take on the program and tells us about what he has been up to recently.

We then finish off with a look at the Pac-12 and boy, is it a topsy-turvy world in the South Division.

*Publishers Note: This episode was broken up into two parts, both are as follows:

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