UCLA Basketball Recruiting: Steve Alford should offer LeBron James, Jr.

With the impending “LeBron to LA” movement about to take place, UCLA basketball head coach Steve Alford should offer soon-to-be high schooler, LeBron James, Jr., a scholarship for the 2022 recruiting class.

LeBron James changing teams and heading from Cleveland to Los Angeles seems inevitable. With the best baller in the world potentially coming out to L.A. and bringing his family, he will be close to one of the most storied college hoops programs in the nation… the UCLA basketball team.

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With rumors circulating that King James is heading west, there has also been news about his son and where he will play high school ball.

TMZ has reported that LeBron James, Jr. is “likely” to enroll at Sierra Canyon in the San Fernando Valley, only 22.6 miles from UCLA. A potential superstar in UCLA’s backyard? It seems quite logical to offer this kid a scholarship, no matter how early it is.

This wouldn’t just be for publicity either. Though UCLA will get a lot of attention if they offer James,  Jr. a scholie, they would also be recruiting a player that has a lot of talent and a lot of upside at such at the young age of 13. But of course he does, he is the son of the greatest modern basketball player.

Like his dad, he has excellent ball handling skills. Whether it is through the legs, behind the back or in crossover form, James, Jr. is excellent off the dribble and can quickly get the ball up court. That would work perfectly in UCLA’s uptempo style.

The young man can also score from almost anywhere, be it driving the lane or stepping back for a midrange jumper. He has the form and consistency to make an impact on any team he plays for.

What is even better is his passing, IQ and vision. He may look like his dad physically, but he has some very Chris Paul-esque moves when finding the open man. Inside or outside, if he does not have the shot, he will find someone that does and make a pretty impressive pass while doing it.

UCLA has been doing very well in recruiting the last few seasons, but they could definitely step it up with an offer to James, Jr. Alford could also create a pipeline to Sierra Canyon seeing as they already have a former player, redshirt freshman Cody Riley. Strengthening relationships is always good in this business.

If LeBron and family do come to L.A., there should be no reason why UCLA does not take this opportunity. Unless he wants to lose out to the team across town or to another elite program, Alford has to get in there and start developing that relationship as soon as possible.