NFL Combine: The injury excuses about UCLA’s Josh Rosen need to stop

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The injury excuses about UCLA’s Josh Rosen need to stop (cont.)

This season, Rosen took several big hits. It was a particularly rough game for Rosen against Washington, causing him to suffer his first concussion in his UCLA career. In the video above you can see the Washington defense swallowing up the UCLA offensive line on multiple plays. Rosen was sacked on the first play of the game and on the third play of the game, one of the Huskies’ defenders made an illegal hit on Rosen’s leg.

You cannot get on Washington for being aggressive and doing their job (sans the illegal hit). Rosen was running for his life in that game (which also debunks the myth that he has the inability to escape the pocket). He was just a victim of bad blocking and a really good pass rush.

Yet that seemed to be a problem. If you remember, this was the game that ESPN commentator Brock Huard questioned Rosen’s toughness. “I’ve been watching him down on the sidelines, and I gotta say I did not like how he responded as things went south.”

Huard made these comments after Rosen was taken out of the game in the third quarter, unaware of the total amount of injuries he sustained. For the record, Rosen cut his finger and had a concussion in that game and still returned to the game.

Speaking of toughness, Rosen displayed some of that as he was bleeding all over himself on a scoring drive against Arizona State a few games later. Is this a chronic problem? Is Rosen plagued with “bleeding”?

No. He is plagued with misinformation from others.