UCLA Football vs. Arizona 2017: Go Joe Bruin predicts the game!


The writers of Go Joe Bruin are back to predict UCLA Football’s next contest, which just so happens to be against the Arizona Wildcats, a team they have not lost to in the JIm Mora era.

The UCLA Football have emerged from their bye week and are headed to the desert to take on the Arizona Wildcats.

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Both tams have explosive quarterbacks and mediocre defenses. Will this be a race to the finish or can either team get a leg up on the other? Go Joe Bruin tells you as we predict UCLA vs. Arizona!

Keir Chapman, UCLA 38 – Arizona 27

Be prepared for a high-scoring affair, as neither defense is equipped to handle the opposing offense’s best weapons. Either Brandon Dawkins or Khalil Tate will run wild against UCLA, and Rosen will shred Arizona’s secondary.

The difference will come from UCLA’s secondary. Freshman Darnay Holmes has looked very comfortable out on the field, recording a pick-six and two defended passes. Adarius Pickett and Octavius Spencer round out the trio to notch an interception, while Nate Meadors and Jaleel Wadood have defended against five and three passes apiece.

This unit will force the Wildcats to become entirely reliant on the run, ultimately leading to their defeat. This game will be close, but not a nail-bitter, as UCLA RB Soso Jamabo cements his place as the Bruins’ starting running back, scoring at least one touchdown in the game. This will cause Arizona to honor the run, and open passes up for Rosen.

Michael Chavez, UCLA 41 – Arizona 32

Bruins head into the desert on a 5-game win streak against the Wildcats with a QB that has never thrown an INT to Arizona. The Bruins take their lumps from athletic QB Khalil Tate but the UCLA offense finds great balance running right at a small Arizona front and Josh Rosen continues to dice up the Wildcats. Arizona had 5 sacks last week. They get one in this game. The Bruins are just too talented and deep for Arizona to overcome and by the mid third quarter Arizona has abandoned much of the running game to try and keep pace. It’s a shootout but eventually the Bruins start to pressure and shut down the Arizona offense.

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Nathan Eberhardt, UCLA 42 – Arizona 31

Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Khalil Tate. Josh Rosen.

David Goldman, UCLA 35 – Arizona 32

Another shootout as UCLA still has trouble stopping the run especially from Tate but Arizona will not be as sharp in the pass game, which will hurt them, especially on third down. Rosen continues his hot streak and does just enough to help the Bruins get a victory.

Andrew Goodman, UCLA 48 – Arizona 35

We should all fully expect a shootout in the Dirty T on Saturday. Khalil Tate poses MANY problems for UCLA’s defense with his running and passing ability. The kid is a stud, but UCLA has a stud of their own in Rosen (best QB in the country).

Arizona’s defense is very young and inexperienced which plays into the hands of the Bruins. UCLA needs to capitalize on this opportunity to have a great game on the ground with Soso Jamabo. UCLA’s rush defense struggles, but they get stops when needed and the offense carries its own. UCLA doesn’t usually do well in Tucson, but this is a VERY winnable game.

Mike Regalado, UCLA 42 – Arizona 35

This game will be a battle of limbs: QB Josh Rosen’s arm versus QB Khalil Tate’s legs. Both Bruin and Wildcat defenses are not the most fierce and there is fear on both sides that the opposing QB will tear them up. That is not a bad assessment as both QBs have a lot of talent. Tate will most likely shred UCLA’s run defense and Rosen is going to cut up Arizona’s secondary. In the end, the more talented Rosen will use his experience to get the “W”.

David Rosenthal, UCLA 45 – Arizona 44

(According to my predictions the Bruins should be undefeated so let’s try again)

The Bruins win a close one with a familiar score line. Wildcats QB Khalil Tate will run all over the Bruins’ defense. Combine the facts that UofA is averaging 274 yards on the ground and UCLA is giving up 284 rushing yards a game and that will spell trouble for the Bruins. On the other side of the ball, Josh Rosen will need to find another go to receiver with Caleb Wilson (foot) out for the season.

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Facing a middle of the road Arizona defense that is top 60 in rushing (54th) and passing (58th) defense, as well as points allowed (57th) UCLA won’t dominate in any particular area. What they will do is finally have a more balanced offensive attack obviously lead by Rosen but also by resurgent Soso Jamabo. This will give the Bruins the ability to move the ball both in the air and on the ground. This will keep the Wildcats’ defense guessing all game long.

Go Joe Bruin Win Predictor: UCLA 7 votes – Arizona 0 votes