UCLA Football Fall Camp Day 2: DC Tom Bradley talks about entering his 3rd year

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UCLA Football Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley talked to the media after the Bruins’ second practice of fall camp and explained why things are a little smoother entering his third year.

Despite finishing 4-8 last season, the strength of the UCLA Football team was the defense. In his second season with the Bruins, Tom Bradley made sure that his guys did not let up despite the fact that the offense struggled to find rhythm, cohesion and a first down in the second half of the 2016 season.

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This year, Bradley looks to continue to have his players dominate, though it seems like they will be even better. Despite losing several players, the defense has reloaded with some very talented freshmen as well as developed some of the younger Bruins that have been in the system for the last two seasons.

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“I think one of the things we are starting to get better — it has only been two practices, but I noticed a big difference from yesterday and today on paying attention to all the little things. The little details are starting to take place. I have watched today, more and more getting used to each other, communicating better, all the little things. They are starting to understand its going to take all the little things to take us where we want to go.”

When asked about how he is doing in his third season, Bradley talked about communication being a key factor, “We have now worked together as a group, this will be our third year, so we know each other’s personalities, we know how each other communicates, and how they [are] coached, so that is a major plus right there.”

When asked about the progress of freshman DE Jaelan Phillips, Bradley said it was an advantage to have him in spring and stated that, “I don’t even consider him a freshman because he has been here.” Although he has talent and has been working with the 1s, Bradley said not to read into that because they are going to “mix and match guys”.

Bradley was also asked about another stud freshmen, CB Darnay Holmes, “Darnay has been exceptional. He picked up the scheme very quickly. Like I said, those two guys (Holmes and Phillips) don’t act, I don’t treat them as freshmen anymore. They have a good feel for what we are trying to get done. The great thing about Darnay is that he loves to compete.”

When asked about the new offensive coaches, specifically new Offensive Coordinator Jedd Fisch, Bradley said, “We are able to, because we have a new offensive staff, and yet we are able to work together, because I can go to Jedd and say ‘Jedd, can you give us this?’ or he’ll say to me ‘Do you mind if we do this period here to help out with this?’ so that has been a really smooth operation as far as that goes. I think that has helped too because we are working together. We are a team.”

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The Bruins continue and end their 7:15 p.m. practices on Friday. After that, UCLA goes into a more flexible schedule as several players end their summer school sessions.