UCLA Athletics: Under Armour gives sneak peek of Bruin Volleyball uniforms

We have now had our third sneak peek of Under Armour’s new Bruin uniforms for UCLA Athletics as the Women’s Volleyball team tweeted out a few photos of their new threads.

It has been a month since Under Armour took over as the apparel provider for UCLA Athletics and, slowly, they have been revealing segments of their game plan for the Bruins, which includes sneak peeks of team uniforms.

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The latest sneak peek is for the Women’s Volleyball team. Similar to what we saw with the football and soccer uniforms, these volleyball uniforms keep it simple.

The base color is powderkeg blue with gold numbers and lettering. These uniforms also sport the “Champions Made Here” logo, created by Under Armour.

Finally, the arm has the three stripes which will be another calling card of UCLA teams. The stripes are apparently going to make their way onto each and every UCLA team uniform.

It is simple, but it is bold.

These are very solid looking uniforms. They will look even better when the UCLA Women’s Volleyball team is wearing them while spiking on opponents in Pauley Pavilion this season, which actually begins later this month.

As stated above, this is only the third Under Armour uniform that has been revealed for UCLA Athletics. In the coming months, we should see the unveiling of all the UCLA team uniforms, especially the much anticipated Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball, Baseball and Softball uniforms, which should be similar in fashion, but have individualized style for their sport.