What’s Bruin 2 – The Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ Review

In this special episode, we stray from the normal talk of UCLA sports and geek out on the newest Star Wars movie, ‘Rogue One’.

Aside from UCLA sports, hosts Jake Merrifield and I have several other loves in this world and one of those is Star Wars. That is why we stray from our normal podcast to focus on the newest movie in the franchise, ‘Rogue One’.

Warning, this IS an entire episode dedicated to ‘Rogue One’. THIS EPISODE IS FULL OF SPOILERS!

So now you know.

In this episode, we talk about the movie in great detail so if you have not seen it and do not wish to have certain information revealed, do not listen at the present time. Watch the movie and listen later.

If you have seen it and wish to follow along with our conversation, then listen up now!

Jake and myself talk at length about the movie with special guest host and LA Sports Hub writer, Jamaal Artis, as we geek out, examine the canon and basically drool over one of the better Star Wars movies.

From start to finish, we get into how R1 presents itself as a separate movie from the saga, but also how it keeps the spirit of Star Wars.

We analyze how it fits in between Episodes III and IV and how the making of the movie itself was well done.

From new characters to new adventures to new planets, this is a movie that Star Wars fans will surely enjoy.

All of this and more in a special episode of the podcast you all know and love, WB2. Also available at Podomatic.com, iTunes and Stitcher.