UCLA Football: 50 Days to Kickoff, 50 Things to Look For in 2016

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21. Penalties

UCLA has been atrocious with penalties. Yes, Mora does not mind the aggressive penalties, but it is the senseless, undisciplined penalties that are drive killers. With the shift to a power-based offense, the O-line will have to be extra diligent in trying to avoid penalties this year.

22. Meadors, Head Hunter

The defensive backs are the deepest, talented and most experienced position group on the UCLA Football team. They have a great group of veterans and just as equally a great group of youngsters. One of the better youngins is Nate Meadors, a player that looked ready for action last season, but his aggressiveness can not be denied. Look for Meadors this season as he should be called upon several times to lay the hits from the secondary.

23. Fullback Attack

Full backs? Here? Now? Hell yeah! With Kennedy Polamalu looking to add power to his offense, the Bruins will adopt tight ends and fullbacks. The fullbacks will be an interesting addition because it will add a stout element to the already strong running game, but will also take the pressure off the Bruin RBs. Remember Myles Jack in the diamond formation? Imagine a lot more of that.

24. Who’s the Boss?

If the defensive line was looking for help, they got it this past signing day. One of the biggest commitments UCLA got back in February was from DT Boss Tagaloa, a beastly character that (if he doesn’t this year) could be the next Vanderdoes. Look for him to get some field time this season.

25. Which Receivers Will Step Up?

I recently projected the depth chart for the receivers and tight ends and stated that this could be the best group of receptionists in the Jim Mora era. UCLA is at least three deep with good receivers at the X, Z, slot and tight end spot. At least from my perspective, I expect the Bruins to have a very impressive year. Know the names Eldridge Massington, Mossi Johnson, Darren Andrews, Theo Howard, Ishmael Adams, Alex Van Dyke, Stephen Johnson and Nate Iese, just to name a few.

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