LA Daily News Lists Five UCLA Bruins as the Most Powerful in Southern California Sports


The Los Angeles Daily News listed five UCLA Bruins in their photo essay of the 50 Most Powerful figures in Southern California sports.

Today, the Los Angeles Daily News released their list of the 50 Most Powerful people in Southern California sports for 2016 and five figures related to UCLA have made the list.

Now this is not just any list. This is the creme of the crop in LA/OC/SD sports. This list includes the likes of Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke, Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, Los Angeles Dodgers announcer Vin Scully among many others that make up the foundation of So Cal sports.

So to have five individuals that have a relationship with UCLA on this list is quite extraordinary. Here are each of them by rank:

UCLA Bruins
UCLA Bruins /

UCLA Bruins

50. Josh Rosen, UCLA Football Quarterback

The soon-to-be second-year quarterback broke hearts and records in 2015 (his true freshman year). 3,669 yards and 23 touchdowns is not bad for a first-year player, but things will be different in his second year.

Some have him as the best in the Pac-12. Others see him as one of the best in the nation. Either way, he will have So Cal at his fingertips when he performs this fall. “Just one season into his college career, Rosen is lauded as the type of transcendent talent that could make him a top pick in the NFL draft.”

46. Lonzo Ball (of the Ball Brothers), UCLA Basketball Guard

He has not played a game in the blue and gold and is already a powerful figure with the UCLA Bruins. Essentially, Ball is the Rosen of UCLA Basketball.

31. Jim Mora, UCLA Football Head Coach

“Mora has bypassed offers to return to the NFL likely because of how bright the future is with quarterback Josh Rosen.” True, but he has also given a great deal of his own money to the UCLA Football facility, has assembled a great staff, has some elite recruits coming in and is no where near what he hopes for this team. Mora has made the Bruins good, but now its time to make them great.

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24. Dan Guerrero, UCLA Athletic Director

“The last five years of Guerrero’s 13-year tenure have produced $225 million worth of construction on athletic buildings, including new football and basketball facilities.” No matter what your perspective is on Guerrero, you cannot deny all the good he has done for the UCLA Athletic Department. Mis-hirings aside, he oversaw the revamping of Pauley Pavilion and got the ball rolling on the Mo Ostin Center and The Wasserman Football Center. On top of all that, Guerrero has had 27 championships on his watch.

2. Casey Wasserman, Sports Agent

Speaking of Wasserman, he is the second most powerful figure in the southland. “His sports and entertainment agency, which represents the likes of Russell Westbrook, Giancarlo Stanton and Andrew Luck continues its rapid expansion.”

On top of that, he has given so much to UCLA that they are naming a building after him. At UCLA, that is when you know you have clout.

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Click on the link for the full list of the Los Angeles Daily News 50 Most Powerful in Southern California.