UCLA Football: Foster Farms Bowl Photo Essay

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West Side of Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, CA, December 26, 2015. Photo Credit: Nathan Eberhardt, GoJoeBruin.com

Levi’s Stadium

To be honest, I had heard a ton of negative things about Levi’s Stadium, the new-ish home of the San Francisco 49ers and the Pac-12 Championship Game.

The big knock on the stadium is that it’s a good 45 miles from San Francisco in the middle of a tech-business area. So there’s not much to do around the stadium, and knowing Bay Area traffic, I can see why attendance for weeknight games here is atrocious. It’s not a stadium you can just swing by; you have to really mean to go to Levi’s Stadium.

But aside from that, I really enjoyed the stadium. It rises steeply from the field, and it captures sound well. The announced attendance of roughly 33,000 was generous (I’d say 18-20k), but it got decently loud.

On top of that, the amenities are nice, the food is good, the seats are comfortable, and the concourses are clean and airy. It’s a cool stadium that (again, provided you have a reason to plan a trip there) you ought to see.

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