New UCLA Announcer Bill Roth Talks UCLA Football With AM670 Las Vegas


Bill Roth, the newest play-by-play announcer for both UCLA Football and Basketball joined AM670 The Score in Las Vegas to talk about the Bruins and the up-coming college football season.

This past April, the UCLA Bruins hired longtime Virginia Tech play-by-play announcer Bill Roth as the new “Voice of the Bruins” after recent announcer Chris Roberts retired. With the transition to a new announcer, many UCLA football fans were interested in what the new voice would sound like.

Here is a sample:

Tonight on AM670 Las Vegas sports radio, we got to hear a bit more of Roth as he talked about his big move west, gave a quick overview of the team and talk about the Bruins up-coming year.

UCLA Bruins
UCLA Bruins /

UCLA Bruins

Roth started off talking about UCLA football and the USC rivalry, especially since this year, the Bruins play at the Coliseum, the second of a two-game road trip to end the season for UCLA. He referenced how tough it will be but said that Jim Mora “is off to a great start” as the coach of UCLA.

Roth was also asked about the quarterback situation and said, “That’s a question for Coach Mora.” He did follow that up with a refence to freshman QB Josh Rosen and said he is a “really impressive guy”.

One of his more interesting points when he was asked about the Pac-12 Conference, specifically UCLA’s division, he said “It is going to come down to November for the South”, referencing that in the last few weeks of the season will be brutal as we have UCLA at Utah, USC at Oregon, UCLA at USC and Arizona at Arizona State.

At one point, Bill Roth had to chime in and make sure he talked about the Pac-12’s leading rusher last year, running back Paul Perkins. Roth was very excited to talk about the redshirt junior and said “He is the most underrated guy UCLA has.” Part of that might have to do with the fact that Perkins lead the conference in rushing and only received an All-Pac-12 Offense Honorable Mention.

This is the best time of year, right before the season begins.

The new Bruin announcer finished up by saying that, “This is the best time of year, right before the season begins.” The SEC unofficially started off the college football season this week with their Media Day. The Pac-12 has theirs on July 30-31. Then ten days after that, UCLA football starts fall camp in San Bernardino. It is happening!

Just listening to Roth talk about UCLA football really got me pumped up! But do not fear Bruins fans, the college football season is only 50 days away!

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